How to setup synergy on windows


For some time I was really frustrated, since using two PC's is already hard, but using separate mouse and keyboard..
Simply put it is a chaos.

So I searched internet to find something, that could help me solve this issue. And then I found Synergy.

In this post I will explain how to setup Synergy on Windows machine. It's quite easy.

Since I have only Windows XP and Windows 7 at the moment I can explain only how to setup Synergy between those two.

Setup when Windows7 is PRIMARY OS.

  • Choose a name for your PC
  • Go to Advanced
  • In Screen Name field enter your desired name. i.e.: windows7
  • OK.

  • Configure relationship between two computers
  • Choose: Share this computer's keyboard and mouse (server)
  • Go to configure and in top menu add computers. ( maybe it's not important don't know that for sure )
  • + -> windows7
  • + -> xp
  • Now in the lower part of the form you need to set relations.
  • i.e.:
  • 1. right | windows7 | xp
  • 2. left | xp | windows7

  • That should be all settings you're required to setup.
  • Now push start and on the other computer in field: Use another computer's shared keyboard and mouse ( client ) place IP address of computer running as ( server )

If you still have any question about it, feel free to ask them here.

You can download Synergy from here.

8 thoughts on “How to setup synergy on windows

  1. alan

    thanks for your helpful post.
    I have a win 7 64bit and a XP 32bit.

    Do I need the set up the relationship BOTH ways as your illustration?
    Does the order make any difference.4
    Anyway I have and it is not working 😉

    Any further advice much appreciated.

    1. Eugene Post author

      As I recall I did it only under XP 32bit and Windows 7 32bit. Didn't try with 64bit yet. But if you say, that this configuration doesn't work, then this is my duty to confirm it and find solution. ) So track this post for updates.

      PS! Your statements about both ways was true. At least I did it so. Didn't understand what you meant by order. Where you talking about order of links in the list? Or sides or what?

    2. Eugene Post author

      Tried something similar. Don't have XP at the moment on any PC. Laptop has Windows 7 32bit and other PC has got Windows 7 64bit. And I connected them both. Here's a snapshot. Hope it will help you

  2. galvinmichaelj

    I have struggled getting this configured at work and home. I gave up, then I stared at a new company so I tried again. I very grateful that I found your post. I continued to make the mistake of never adding any links. It was a repeated offence on my part.


  3. tony

    hello, i'm tryying to set this up but between my desktop and laptop. I have my desktop set up, but am having difficulty with my laptop. I keep getting an error saying "Failed to save autostart configuration: Access is denied" What am i doing wrong?

  4. fm

    This post may be older but it is the first one that I understand enough to set up synergy on Windows. Thank you sir!

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