Quip: collaborative word processor from co-creator of Google Maps and co-founder of FriendFeed

Main window look

Today Quip was finally launched - modern word processor, that allows to create documents on any device. Editor will work on iPhone, iPad, Android and Desktop and you can download it already (Android full version will be available later).

Project looks like potential Google Docs for mobile devices and now when Google frequently closes own services it could be a good "backup" solution. One of the project authors - Bret Taylor, co-creator of Google Maps and co-founder of FriendFeed, former Facebook CTO and co-founder Kevin Gibbs, formerly of Google. Project investments reach to about $15 million dollars.

The view of document and collaboration

Quip main distinctive features:

  • Multi-editing. When you work on some document, then you are going to probably share it with someone. Quip combines documents and messages into one stream of updates, that looks very similar to chat. You can simultaneously edit one document from any device without the need to use email to check edits and collaboration.
  • Mobility. Though there is Quip for desktop, still the full power of it you can see only on mobile and tablet devices. Documents in Quip automatically adjust themselves for your screen size, therefore you will not need to use zoom constantly. You can also work with documents offline, all changes will be synced when network connection will be available.
  • Interactivity. Today we mostly read documents on touchscreen devices, rather then type them, therefore Quip allows to turn list into todo-lists with check marks, link to other documents with the help of @mention.
  • Simplicity. The most important part is, that this project has adaptive design for mobile usage, due to that allowing to concentate on main purpose - writing text, rather than on disctracting UI.

Regarding export: there is a way to export PDF file, plus copy+paste to Word and other editors will transfer all formatting correctly. Moreover, developers promise to add more export ways in near future.

Editor is free for personal use. Business solution will need subscription.

Source: quip.com