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About Eugene

My name is Eugene and I am software developer for almost 10 years. Main focus is Web Development with strong foothold in JavaScript and all things related.

My latest projects are Angular 2+ based. My skills are not limited to Web Development only. I also work with Java on daily bases, primarily Spring Boot.

If you have any questions for me, then don't hesitate to contact me.

Viva Las Vegas

Hey everyone. I think you will be stumped when you will see the title of this webpage and post about Las Vegas together and even a small, but beatiful song. Well, what can I say, I'm many-sided human) I heard this song on the radio and somehow all thoughts about being in Las Vegas came to me.
Hope you will enjoy this small post and great song.
For all who love the game.
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Trying to get a hang of MVC

Yesterday I tried to make something that {would | could} be an example of MVC model. At least I thought that I understood how it should work correctly, but... Well in this post you can find a source code of what is done at the moment or you can fork it on
Please don't judge for my style of writing and file/folder architecture. It all should be as simple as possible. Maybe not too logical, but still.
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Finally I got time to create my blog. I am hoping to post here works, which we do with our team and also interesting articles and so on. Hope you will be interested in reading this "coming soon" material.

For now that's it.
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