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Quip: collaborative word processor from co-creator of Google Maps and co-founder of FriendFeed

Main window look

Today Quip was finally launched - modern word processor, that allows to create documents on any device. Editor will work on iPhone, iPad, Android and Desktop and you can download it already (Android full version will be available later).

Project looks like potential Google Docs for mobile devices and now when Google frequently closes own services it could be a good "backup" solution. One of the project authors - Bret Taylor, co-creator of Google Maps and co-founder of FriendFeed, former Facebook CTO and co-founder Kevin Gibbs, formerly of Google. Project investments reach to about $15 million dollars.
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How to fix Doctrine 1.2.4 Base models autoloading

I must say right away, that I don't know how correct this fix is, but it works for me. So in Doctrine ORM 1.2.4 after generating models I ran in a bit of a problem. So I fixed like that:
Find file vendor\doctrine\doctrine1\lib\Doctrine\Core.php
Next on line 1155 find this code:

$class = self::$_modelsDirectory . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . str_replace('_', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, $className) . '.php';

            if (file_exists($class)){
                require $class;

                return true;

And add this code after:

$class = self::$_modelsDirectory . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'generated' . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . str_replace('_', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, $className) . '.php';

            if (file_exists($class)) {
                require $class;

                return true;

This is it.

How to run Redis server as daemon

So I think, that those who will read this article probably know, what is Redis. For those who don't I can say shortly, that this is a software, that is used for storing some maped data ( key => value ) for faster usage. This software could help developers to make their applications by storing some primitive data like for example translations on multi-language webpage or other similar information. In this article I will shortly explain how to make your Redis server run as daemon, since making startup file for this in unix is not an option.
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Viva Las Vegas

Hey everyone. I think you will be stumped when you will see the title of this webpage and post about Las Vegas together and even a small, but beatiful song. Well, what can I say, I'm many-sided human) I heard this song on the radio and somehow all thoughts about being in Las Vegas came to me.
Hope you will enjoy this small post and great song.
For all who love the game.
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Finally I got time to create my blog. I am hoping to post here works, which we do with our team and also interesting articles and so on. Hope you will be interested in reading this "coming soon" material.

For now that's it.
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